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Ashley B. Levering (ABL)

My passion is helping you show up confidently for your truest self while facing changes in your Life.

I am a Certified Professional Coach, Life and Career Coach. Working with me means you will have support in finding your way through big decisions and shifts in your life. Renewing confidence, communicating better with yourself and others, learning to shift mindsets, and maintaining self care also play their roles in my coaching style. I help you show up for yourself as a priority, without guilt. I will hold you accountable, and I will hold space for you. You matter, you're worthy and I already like you.

Hi, I am Ashley. I am a human, just like you, who’s seeking connection and continued fulfillment in my life. I am also a wife and a mom, and coaching is my passion. Coaching has changed my life. It was always something I wanted to get into, because serving others is built into me. But, I had no idea how much it would help me grow and learn more about myself as well. Transition coaching is my niche, because life transition in something I have faced on many levels. Growing up, change was my safe place, as I navigated through a conflict filled home life. I transitioned out of that home and into my own world confidently when I left for college. Facing change was my thing. I thrived off of it. It makes sense that I fell in love with someone who would lead a life of constant movement. I married a professional broadcaster. Today, we are (mostly) a baseball family. We face transition multiple times per year. It keeps things moving and always interesting and challenging. I’ve tackled the importance of having a positive mindset, self-care, and prioritizing personal needs in facing change. How can we take action if our world feels confusing and overwhelming? How can we take care of everything and everyone when we lack in tending to ourselves? These are things I have learned over the years as a coach and a mom and a wife. I help others face changes with clarity, and it starts with confirming belief and awareness. It matters to me to help others do what once felt impossible to me.


I made a tough decision to leave my beloved career in the non-profit world when I became a mom in 2014. Within that same window of time, my new family and I moved from Massachusetts to live in Wisconsin (we are originally from California. Also, I was born in New York, and grew up partially in Texas). Having lived in six different states, another country, and even on a cruise ship, I have gotten to know a life of adaptation and restarting. Being married to my husband (since 2012), Jeff Levering, broadcaster for the Milwaukee Brewers, has been an adventure since we met in 2004. Luckily, travel is also a passion of mine, as we've moved and visited locations all over the map, together and apart. 

Change happens for everyone; it is inevitable. But facing change and making big decisions can be challenging. Getting out of your own way helps! I have a long history of growing from my own turns of events. I am not free from trauma in my life (who is?), but I have overcome enough to be able to share empowering and influential guidance. I am constantly developing strategies, tools and methods of encouragement for my clients. My clients learn quickly how honest and direct I can be. I will call them out on their negative self talk, as well as accept who they are without judgment. It's my honor to be that safe and trusted place. It’s my greatest privilege to witness massive and positive change. I am helping people change their lives, and that’s life-changing for me as well.


When I am not working, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends, watching baseball, embarking on new adventures, chauffeuring our kiddos to their various activities, and staying physically active (to name a few). Jeff and I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with our son Brock and daughter Logan. Everyday holds a lesson to learn and a joy to keep.

"Transition has three parts: the end, disorientation, and the beginning. It's always natural, and part of everyone's story." -ABL


  • Bachelor of Arts CommunicationsChapman University in Orange, CA

  • Certified Professional Coach, World Coach Institute, ICF endorsed

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