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After our sessions together, I almost feel like a new person. I find myself less stressed in my

job, and more energized in handling responsibilities and challenges of the day. I have heard great feedback from people in my office as well, notably that they feel like I’ve completely

changed my management and leadership approaches, and it feels much more empowering.

- Mike S.

Ashley is remarkable. She was able to break down my anxieties to small manageable pieces. Never felt judged by her.

She kept me focused and celebrated

every win even if I didn’t see them. 

absolutely recommend Ashley to anyone!


-Jessi R.

Ashley is a truly gifted coach! She's so warm, friendly and's immediately clear she loves what she does and really has a passion for helping her clients. She really holds space for her clients to feel safe and comfortable talking about anything. In just one session, we quickly got to the root of why I was struggling to make a particular decision. She skillfully helped me peel back the layers slowly so that I could uncover my true thoughts and fears about a situation. From there, I was able to get clarity for myself on the right path forward. I highly recommend working with Ashley if you've been thinking about coaching!


-Valerie Pearson

When I started with Ashley I had gone YEARS thinking about asking my husband for a divorce but just couldn’t find the courage to follow through. By the end of the 12 week sessions, I couldn’t believe that I had reached my goal so quickly! I felt so confident & empowered and that I could accomplish ANYTHING! I always left our conversations feeling confident and motivated. Ashley is very professional but yet you feel like you are talking to a longtime friend. There is no doubt in my mind that I could not have done this without Ashley in my corner. Highly recommend.

- Tracey Q.

Ashley is a great listener, especially when I am trying to talk through things to get to the root of what the problem is. She's great at helping to "connect the dots" and coming up with a game plan to put into action. I enjoyed working with her very much, I think she was a big help! I hope to work with her again in the future!I recommend Ashley to other potential clients!


Ashley has incredible insights in helping me dive into emotional situations. She is a great listener and a great guide in helping me walk through goals that I want to accomplish. Ashley is very encouraging in her coaching style and it makes it easy to talk with her. I would highly recommend her as a life and career coach and look forward to working with her more!



I just had the most amazing session with Ashley. She made me think of so many things that I saw as a negative and turned them into a positive way as well as gave me a list of things to work on in order to make a more positive impact on my life. I would highly recommend Ashley! She asks the right questions and gets you thinking of different ways to handle all situations in life. I love the way she asks questions. Thank you Ashley!!!


-Tracey B.


Ashley helped me realize that I was not taking care of my own needs. I had lost track of the

things that I had previously established as my non-negotiables, and instead, putting

everyone and everything before my own needs. I realized, after a lot of talks with Ashley

and with my husband, that my work situation was NOT working for ME. I decided to put myself first and move on from a role that ultimately wasn’t a fit. I took time off to take care of MYSELF, and for what seemed like the first time in my life, I allowed myself to just BE and live my live – unapologetically, authentically, ME!

- Stephanie S.

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